Technical equipment

In order to precisely capture your gait and running behavior, RunScan uses the following high-tech equipment

  • Treadmill with embedded sensor technology
  • Two high speed cameras
  • Movement analysis software

Treadmill with embedded sensor technology

The treadmill used in our institute is instrumented, which means it contains embedded sensors that use up-to-date technology to measure forces and pressure. With these sensors under the treadmill belt, we can measure and quantify the forces of every step you take. Furthermore, we can quantify important parameters such as step length, step width, step frequency, and ground contact time to more holistically analyse your running behaviour.

The combined knowledge from force distribution and movement patterns will allow us to give you more qualified recommendations.

High speed cameras

During your analysis, you will be recorded with 2 high speed cameras: one on the side and one facing your back. These cameras record 165 pictures in one second and are able to expose minimal movement errors. The recordings will always capture your entire body, which allows the team to give you a more comprehensive overview of your running behavior.

Movement analysis software

In order to evaluate your running style, we use high-tech movement analysis software to label and measure all relevant joint angles. Using these means, you will receive a quantitative evaluation and classification of your movement.