Your visit

The gait and running analysis from RunScan offers a detailed initial interview, a physical examination, a running analysis on our high-tech treadmill, and an individualized evaluation and counseling.

Initial examination

In preparation for the analysis, we take some time in our initial examination to discuss your objectives in detail and to advise you on the possibilities within the appointment. We discuss recent and more historical injuries as well as your current training plan. Moreover, we will examine your running shoes and your insoles and check them for abnormalities.

Physical Examination

This is followed by a physical examination, where your overall musculoskeletal system taken into consideration. Recent injuries have highest priority. Afterwards, diverse joint and muscle points will be labeled with a marker, so that an accurate measurement of the angles is ensured.

Gait and running analysis

On our instrumented treadmill, we first measure the pressure distribution while standing barefoot to assess the distribution of your body weight. Afterwards, you will begin by walking on the treadmill barefoot. With every step, force parameters are captured. In this measurement, we are not only capturing the timing of force distribution, but we can follow how the center of pressure is moving forward with every single step. At the same time your movements are captured on video with 2 high speed cameras.

This same process is repeated with running trials on the treadmill. For these trials, your running data, force measurements, and video recording are simultaneously recorded. The overall analysis results will include data from wearing your own running shoes as well as running barefoot.

Evaluation and Counseling

After we have performed all necessary measurements and have finished the recordings, the data and information are evaluated together with you. In this consultation, we answer the questions that led you here. You then receive initial recommendations with regards to your primary concerns and to prevent any maladaptive loading on your joints. The main area of focus will be training advice for improving stability, strength and running technique as well as recommendations for ideal running shoes and, if necessary, for insoles. Furthermore, we advise you if continued therapy and treatment is necessary.

A few days after your running analysis, you will receive a detailed report with analyses that also contain the discussed recommendations. It is possible that some new recommendations are added in the meantime.

The report will contain:

  • Medical history and summary from the initial examination
  • Results from the movement analysis
  • Pictures with advice with regards to your running patterns